Trade a Tree Program

tree with leaves and roots in the ground illustrationThe Trade-A-Tree program helps members remove trees from areas where they could pose a hazard to primary high voltage overhead power lines. The aim is to replace taller trees with shorter trees that will not grow up into the lines.

For each tree that is removed, United Electric Co-op (UEC) will reimburse up to $50 of the cost of a replacement tree.

Rebate Guidelines:

  • The property owner must provide written authorization to remove the tree.
  • United Electric will have the tree cut down to ground level and sprayed to prevent new growth. Stump removal is the property owner’s responsibility. Any wood larger than 4 inches in diameter will be left on-site and belongs to the property owner.
  • Property owner purchases and plants a new Class 1 tree. Replacement tree must meet program specifications for expected height at maturity.
  • Bring receipt for the tree to the UEC office and complete the request for reimbursement of up to $50 per tree. You may choose to have a check mailed or to receive a billing credit.

If you have questions, please call the office at (208) 679-2222.

Tree Planting Guide. 25 feet around and above power lines is the no tree zone. 25 to 40 feet: small tree zone, trees less than 25 feet tall, spread at least 25 feet from lines. 4o to 60 feet away: medium tree zone, trees 25 to 40 feet in height, spread at least 40 feet from lines. 60 feet away: large tree zone, plant trees larger than 40 feet in height, spread at least 60 feet from lines.