United Electric Announcements – May 2023

Annual Meeting Report

United Electric’s successful 25th annual meeting of the members was March 14 at Minico High School in Rupert, Idaho. Cookies, milk and water were handed out at the conclusion of the meeting.

Other highlights include the reelection of Bruce Beck and election of Dan Lloyd as our newest board member. Congratulations to both.

Congratulations to Doug and Marlyce Tuma who won the $500 shopping spree.

Nontraditional Scholarship Available

Applications for the $500 nontraditional scholarship are accepted until 5 p.m. Thursday, June, 2023.

The application is available in the office or at our website. For more information, call Trisha Moultrie at (208) 679-2222.

The scholarship is given to an adult or nontraditional student whose life circumstances differ from traditional students.

Applicants do not need to be members of United Electric.