United Electric Announcements – July 2023

After-Hours Emergency Number

If you have an after-hours outage or need emergency assistance when the office is closed, our lineworkers are always on call.

If you need assistance during office hours, call the office at (208) 679-2222. If you need assistance after hours, on the weekend or during a holiday, call the emergency number at (208) 679-4444. The after-hours recording on the office phone will also give you the emergency number.

Check Your Meter Addresses

If you are billed for multiple meters, make sure the addresses printed on your billing statements are correct.

All meters currently being charged to your account during that billing period will be printed along with their corresponding service location number. Match the service location number to the charge on the bill to find out what each meter was billed.

Questions? We’re always glad to help. Call us at 208-679-2222.

Energy-Efficiency Programs

United Electric offers rebates for making your homes, businesses and farms more energy efficient. Rebates for insulation, windows, ductless heat pumps, commercial lighting and irrigation system upgrades are available for qualifying members.

Contact Chris at (208) 679-2222 for more information.

Keep Us Up to Date on Addresses & Phone Numbers

Maintaining current account information is important and beneficial for members.

If United Electric does not have your current phone number, we are unable to let you know ahead of time if there is a planned outage for maintenance and repair.

If we don’t have your current address when you move away, we are unable to mail patronage checks when distributions are made. Sometimes we are unable to send your membership and deposit refund checks.

If you haven’t updated the names on your account after a marriage, death of spouse or divorce, you may find you are unable to vote at the annual meeting.

Please help us provide you with the best service possible by keeping your account information current.