Proposed Bylaw Amendment



United Electric Co-op By-law Amendment Proposal



The board of directors of United Electric Co-op, Inc. (United Electric) is proposing an amendment to Article II, Section 10, of United Electric’s by-laws that will allow members to vote by electronic ballot. This by-law amendment will result in decreased postage costs and will improve efficiency in receiving ballots for elections pursuant to United Electric’s Annual Meeting. Members will still be able to vote by paper ballot upon request. The proposed language for the amendment is highlighted below. Ballots to vote on this proposed change will be sent out in October. As per by-law requirements United Electric must receive 969 responses, with the majority voting in favor of the amendment to pass. All ballots must be received at United Electric Co-op’s office no later than November 10, 2022, 5:00p.m. Please call the office if you have additional questions or concerns.





Section 1.   Voting by Electronic Ballot, Mail or Without a Members' Meeting.

(a)  If provided for by the Board of Directors, the members may vote by electronic ballot, mail or absentee ballot on any corporate action that may be taken at any annual, regular or special meeting of members.  Any action that may be taken at any annual, regular or special meeting of members may be taken without a meeting if the Corporation delivers a written ballot to every member entitled to vote on the matter.  A written ballot for any action taken without a meeting shall set forth each proposed action and provide an opportunity to vote for or against each proposed action.  Delivery of a ballot to a member shall be deemed effective if mailed postage prepaid to the member's address on the books of the corporation at least 21 days before the ballot is to be received back from the member.

(b)  Approval by written ballot alone when a meeting is not held shall be valid only when the number of votes received and cast by the ballot equals or exceeds twenty percent (20%) of the membership of the Corporation.

(c)  All solicitations for votes by written ballot shall:  (1) indicate the minimum number of responses needed to take action by written ballot; (2) state the percentage of approvals necessary to approve each matter other than election of Directors; and (3) specify the time by which a ballot must be received by the Corporation in order to be counted.

(d)  A written ballot may not be revoked nor amended.

(e) Electronic ballots shall be in a form and manner as approved by the Board of Directors and delivered in such a manner as to comply with the time requirements for mailed ballots and with sufficient safeguards to ensure the integrity of the voting process.