Manager’s Message – November 2022

Being a Catalyst for Good

With the holidays upon us, United Electric believes it is important to express appreciation for our members and community. As part of the cooperative business model, one of our core principles is Concern for Community. While our priority is always to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy, we view our role in the community to be a catalyst for good.

We work closely with our local schools to provide safety demonstrations and award college scholarships. United Electric also participates in an annual Youth Rally where we take our community’s young people for a weeklong camp to experience democracy in action, gain understanding of cooperatives and enjoy fun activities.

We have a strong commitment to safety—not just for employees but for our community as well. Ultimately, our hope is that the larger community benefits from these programs because of you. You empower the co-op through your membership and through your participation in and support of these programs.

When you attend co-op events, alert us to problems and provide suggestions, you help us improve operations and thereby better serve the larger co-op membership.

We are thankful the co-op’s board members carve out time to attend important training sessions, participate in planning meetings and keep abreast of industry trends. This investment in time results in better informed advisers who serve the co-op’s interests in a way our consumer-members expect and deserve.

We truly appreciate the countless acts of kindness our lineworkers and other employees receive when they are working in severe weather and dangerous conditions. Our employees are thankful for your patience and consideration when we are trying to restore power during challenging situations and prolonged periods of time.

We know our core job is to keep the lights on, but our passion is our community. Because we live and work here, we want to make it a better place for all. We wish you only the best throughout this holiday season.

Michael Darrington