Manager’s Message – April 2022

Lineworkers working on a power lineOn April 11, 2022, United Electric will join with cooperatives across the country to recognize National Lineworker Appreciation Day. We thank our dedicated lineworkers, who are committed to keeping the lights on, regardless of the time of day, holidays, vacations, birthdays, or other personal milestones. We also have immense appreciation for the families and loved ones of lineworkers, especially when the lineworkers are called to service during severe weather events and power outages.

These employees depend on years of specialized training and are proficient at performing their jobs with a focus on safe practices. It’s no secret that a lineworker’s job is tough—but it’s a job that is essential and must be done. The long hours and ever-present danger can truly take a toll. In fact, being a lineworker is frequently listed as one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. Lineworkers often work nontraditional hours, outdoors in difficult conditions. Despite the many challenges, United Electric’s lineworkers are committed to powering our local community.

For our lineworkers to conduct their jobs most effectively, they rely on a network of highly skilled professionals at United Electric. This includes communication and coordination with United Electric engineers, technicians, member services representatives, warehouse professionals, and information technology experts.

When you see lineworkers or a member of their family in the community, feel free to let them know how much you appreciate them and all those who work together each day to keep power flowing to your homes and businesses. Although National Lineworker Appreciation Day comes around only once each year, United Electric lineworkers are serving our community every day.

Michael Darrington
General Manager