Prepay & Level Pay

Prepay Electrical Service

Did you know United Electric has a prepay program? Do you have a deposit here that you would like applied to your bill right now to go towards your energy usage? Would you like the possibility to save more money on your power bill by monitoring your usage more closely? No more late fees, no more bills, just “paying your way” and the simplicity of keeping a credit on your account?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call the office, at (208) 679-2222, and ask one of our friendly Member Service Representatives for details and we will get you signed up!

How Does it Work?

United Electric’s new Prepay Program is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers co-op members the opportunity to pay for electricity when they want, in the amount they want. It works the same way as you buy fuel for your automobile. Just as you purchase fuel to use when you want, with Prepay, you purchase kilowatt-hour’s (kWh’s) to use when you want.


UEC’s Prepay Program offers additional benefits:

  • No Deposit
  • No Late Fees
  • No Monthly Bills
  • Payment flexibility – pay in advance how much and how often as is convenient
  • Same kWh rate as other services

How Do I Make Payments?

Prepayments may be made from a mobile device, computer, via phone during regular business hours, or in the United Electric office. The minimum prepayment amount at any one time is $20.

What if My Account Balance Runs Low?

When your credit balance drops below $40, each day you will receive a low balance notice via the method you choose (email, text message, and/or Smarthub). This will give you time to purchase more power before the meter stops.

If you do not purchase more power, the meter will stop and power will turn off. However, purchasing power is quick & easy, even on weekends and holidays. Within several minutes of payment being made, the meter will turn back on.


The Prepay Program is a different way to pay and manage your electric costs. If you would like more information about this new billing option, give us a call at (208) 679-2222 or stop by the office.

Level Pay

United Electric offers a Level Pay program designed to make budgeting easier.

This program is particularly helpful if:

  • Your winter bills are substantially higher than your summer bills
  • You are on a fixed income
  • You simply like to know what amount to budget for electricity every month

Sign Up & Eligibility

The Level Pay season runs from April to March. You must sign up in April, making the first level payment of the season in May.

Each member’s level pay amount is based on personal usage. Individual level pay amounts are based on the previous year’s usage.


  • Only residential meters are eligible
  • Member must have resided at that residence for the past twelve months.

Due Balance

Each meter is still read and billed for only the power used. After the first few payments, the account should show a credit balance through the rest of the season. If at any point the credit is used up and the balance is more than the level payment amount, the member needs to pay the balance due, not the level pay amount.

At the end of the season (April), members are expected to pay the balance due if there is one. If there is a credit on the account the member has the option to request a refund of the credit or use it to lower the next season’s level pay by 1/12th of that credit every month.



Member Service Representatives, Executive Assistant/ Billing Specialist, Member Services Manager.

  1. The Level Payment Program is for Residential services only. In the case of a member account with multiple meters, in order to participate in the Level Payment Program, all meters must be residential and all of the residential service meters must be included in the Program.
  2. The program will run annually April to March, with sign up for the program in the month of April each year.
  3. Requirements to participate in the Level Payment Program are as follows:
    1. The member must have a minimum 12-month history at the service address they wish to setup on the Program.
    2. The member's account must be paid in full as of April 20.
  4. The level payment amount for each service will be calculated as follows: [(average kilowatt-hours (KWh) for previous April to March) times (current KWh rate) plus (current monthly customer charge) times 1.10] round up to the nearest 5 equals Monthly Level Pay Amount
  5. A member with a balance due in any given month that is greater than the level pay amount must pay the balance due and the member is no longer eligible to participate in the Level Payment Program for the current year.
  6. A member must pay a minimum of the level pay amount each month in order to remain on the Level Payment Program. A member that fails to pay a minimum of the level pay amount in any given month is no longer eligible to participate in the Level Payment Program for the current year.
  7. A member with a credit balance on their account on April 20 has the option of applying the credit balance to their Level Payment Program balance or requesting a check for the amount of the credit balance.
  8. A member account with a credit balance on the first of each month will receive interest. The interest rate will be the CFC 12-month Medium Term Note rate minus 1% and will be set the first working day of January and July for the successive 6 months.
    1. United Electric is required to file an IRS Form 1099 on interest applied to a member's account. In order to participate in the Level Payment Program, a member is required to provide their Social Security Number or a Tax ID Number. A member who fails to provide their Social Security Number or a Tax ID Number is not eligible to participate in the Level Payment Program.

This policy supersedes any policy that may be in conflict with this policy.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of United Electric Co-op, Inc. to offer a level payment program for the members. The level payment program is designed to allow members to build a credit balance during the summer months to help offset higher energy costs during the winter months.

Revision Date Action Name
1 05/1998 Establish Policy Board of Directors
2 06/22/2013 Modify level pay calculation. General review. Clarify a member must maintain a credit balance. Board of Directors
3 03/19/2019 Add level pay amount must be paid each month.
Clarify requirement for SSN for Form 1099
Board of Directors

Adopted by the Board of Directors March 19, 2019.