Tree Removal

Tree removal is highly effective and should be encouraged where they may be in current or future conflict with United Electric’s facilities and power lines. Trees should be removed by United Electric under the following conditions:

  1. Trees located in schoolyards, playgrounds, and parks, back lot construction areas, or other areas in which children may easily climb and contact overhead conductors.
  2. Trees under lines with no chance for reasonable, natural development.
  3. Trees that are unsightly because of excessive trimming and cannot be economically re-trimmed.
  4. Trees in rural areas along county roads and state highways, which would eventually reach a primary line.
  5. Fast-growing tree species that will eventually grow into transmission or distribution lines.
  6. Trees both alive and dead, that are leaning toward the line and would strike the line when falling.
  7. Trees outside of the right-of-way that may be hazardous to United Electric’s facilities. Removal debris and stump removal is the responsibility of the member unless otherwise agreed upon.

United Electric encourages members to report potentially hazardous trees and conditions outside of the right of way that threaten public safety and system reliability.