1. Signed and approved Interconnection agreement between the member and United Electric. Applicable fees must be paid in full before project is approved.
  2. Generates clean renewable energy including but not limited to solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, geothermal, fuel cell, or other sources approved by United Electric.
  3. The nameplate generation capacity shall not be less than 1kW or exceed 25 kW aggregate for the single metered location.
  4. Meets all state, local, and United Electric requirements for interconnection. Electric service must be inspected and approved by the state/city and tested and approved by United Electric before connection to the grid. Ongoing testing will be required, at the expense of the member.
  5. As determined by United Electric, the Net Metered Facility shall not cause issues with safety, power quality, or reliability on United Electric’s distribution system. United Electric at its sole discretion may disconnect service to the facility until corrective action has taken place.