Net Metering Provisions

  1. United Electric will not purchase power from the member.
  2. Member generation is intended to offset part or all of the members electric energy needs.
  3. Energy delivered by United Electric to the member in excess of the energy generated by the member’s on-site generation will be billed monthly at the applicable Net Metering Energy Rate.
  4. Member generation in excess of monthly energy usage, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) multiplied by the Net Metering Energy Rate, will be carried forward on a monthly basis as a generation credit and will be applied to the member’s monthly billed Energy Charge. This credit can be carried forward up to twelve (12) consecutive months, ending on the Net Metering year as determined by United Electric. At the end of the Net Metering year any remaining accumulated generation credit shall be given to United Electric without compensation to the member. Net Metering generation credit can only be used to offset the member’s Energy Charge. Net Metering members will be billed monthly for the Customer Charge and all other non-energy charges, such as demand. If the member leaves the system with accumulated generation credit, the credit shall be given to United Electric without compensation to the member.
  5. The Net Metering rates and fees will be reviewed annually to determine adequate compensation to United Electric and that members with Net Metered facilities are not being unduly subsidized by other members.
  6. United Electric reserves the right to modify the Net Metering Policy at its sole discretion. Members shall comply with all modifications once adopted. There shall be no “grandfathering” of member rights under the Net Metering Policy.