6.1 Measurement of Energy. All energy delivered will be billed according to the meter. If the Cooperative cannot read the meter because of conditions beyond its control (as determined by the Cooperative), the Cooperative will estimate the meter reading for the month and make an adjustment in subsequent bills.

6.2 Meter Installation. The Cooperative will install and maintain metering equipment at the Cooperative's expense unless otherwise provided for by agreement between the Cooperative and the Member. The Member is responsible for all costs associated with primary metered installations, including installation and maintenance.

6.3 Meter Access. The Member shall maintain open and clear access to the meter at all times. Written notification shall be provided to a Member who denies access. Failure to provide access in a timely manner may result in denial of service.

6.4 Failure of Meter. If the Cooperative's meter fails at any time, the usage will be determined based on the best available data. If any device is found on the Member's premise which prevents the meter from accurately recording the total amount of energy used, the Cooperative may remove any such wiring, connection, or device at the Member’s expense, and will estimate the total amount of energy consumed and not accurately registered.

6.5 Meter Tests. The Cooperative will inspect meters from time to time under standards established by the General Manager or his or her designee. A Member may request an accuracy test without charge once in every 12-month period.

6.6 Movement of Meters. As a rule of general application, if a meter is moved solely for the convenience of a Member, the Member will pay the actual costs of material and labor necessary to move the meter and the electrical hardware required to accomplish the move.

6.7 Meter Reading. Meter reading will normally be done at monthly intervals. Other conditions of meter reading will be set by the General Manager or his or her designee.

6.8 Vacation of Premises. A Member will provide notice of intent to vacate premises in order to obtain a final meter reading.  A Member will be held liable for usage until a final meter reading is obtained and is acceptable to the Cooperative.