7.1 Disputes. An applicant for service or a Member may file a complaint with the Cooperative, orally or in writing, concerning the application of these Rules by the Cooperative. In making the complaint, the applicant or Member will provide name, service address, and the general nature of the complaint.

7.2 Conference. An applicant or Member who makes a complaint pursuant to Rule 7.1 above will be entitled to a conference with the General Manager for the purpose of reviewing and attempting a resolution of the complaint. The General Manager may, in his or her sole discretion, take action to correct any inappropriate application of these rules by the Cooperative.

7.3 Appeal to the Board of Directors. Any action or inaction of the General Manager pursuant to Rule 7.2 above may be appealed to the Board of Directors for review. The Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, may accept, reject or modify the action or inaction of the General Manager.