2.1 Billing Period. Charges for energy and services will be billed monthly on a cycle to be established by the Board of Directors. Statements will be mailed following the last day of the regular billing period or as soon thereafter as possible.

2.2 Fractional Billing Periods. The opening and closing of an account for service may be calculated using actual meter readings or estimated readings, based on reasonable formulas, depending upon the rate schedule used. When closing an account, the service will not be disconnected if another party has agreed to accept responsibility for service to the account following the closing.

2.3 Due Date. Bills are due and payable no later than the 20th day of each month for the prior billing period or the next business day if the 20th is a non-business day. For example, if the 20th is Saturday, payment is due the next business day which is Monday the 22nd.

2.4 Past Due Date. Bills are considered past due the first business day following the Due Date.

2.5 Disconnect Date. Accounts are subject to disconnection if payment is not made prior to the fifth day following the Due Date.